What We’re Asking For and How You Can Help

Our Message to Giant

Giant, it’s time to play fair in Lancaster, PA.

On March 17, you announced that you were closing your store at 235 North Reservoir Street.

Worse, you won’t sell the property or lease it to another full-service grocer.

Because the decision has serious implications for the well-being of the City of Lancaster, City Council sent you a letter on May 10, 2017, followed by another letter on June 6, 2017 expressing concern and requesting a conversation. You have not replied.

Nor have you answered a single email or phone call from various local officials and residents of the City of Lancaster. You haven’t responded to a petition with more than 1,300 signatures.

We’re not asking you to re-open the store.

Instead, our demand is this: Stop denying a food source to the people who have supported you for so long.

There are at least three options for how you can meet that demand:

  1. Sell the Reservoir Street property without restrictions to another grocer.
  2. Sell the Reservoir Street property without restrictions to the City of Lancaster, which stands ready to make the purchase.
  3. At the very least, lease the Reservoir Street property without restriction to another full-service grocer.

Your first step is to make contact with Lancaster City Council and engage in conversation.

To Everyone Upset With Giant: Join Us

Lancaster residents have been speaking out for months, but Giant has refused to listen or respond. We’re taking the fight online.

Join us in telling Giant that enough is enough. Demand that they play fair.

We’re Taking to Twitter

Play fair, @GiantFoods. Let our community have a full-service grocery store. #PlayFairGiant Click To Tweet

We’re Taking to Facebook

Here’s their Facebook page: Giant Food Stores on Facebook

If you have liked their Facebook page in the past, be sure to change that.

Write a post on their wall or send a message letting them know they can’t ignore this.

More Traditional Routes

Call the Giant Consumer Affairs Department at 1-888-814-4268, Option 5.

Send them a letter:

Thomas Lenkevich, President
Giant Food Stores
1149 Harrisburg Pike
P.O. Box 249
Carlisle, PA 17013

Some residents have mailed in their Giant Bonus Cards in protest.